Born 1985 New Haven, CT

Lives and works in Baltimore, MD

Upcoming Exhibitions

GEOMETRIX: Form, Line, Subversion, Curator's Office, Washington, DC

Deep Superficial Perceptions, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, LA

Selected Solo and 2 Person Exhibitions

Form/Fit, Cuevas Tilleard, New York, NY (2015)

Sun Salutation, Kent Place Gallery, Kent Place School, Summit, NJ (2015)

Jade, with Jason Hsu, Central Park, Los Angeles, CA (2015)

Plastic Images, Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD (2015)

Alex Ebstein: Fovea, MFA Thesis Exhibition @ Towson University (on view through May 9, 2015)

Alex Ebstein: Minor Works, SophiaJacob, Baltimore MD (2012)

Natural Remedies, with Caitlin Cunningham, John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore MD (2010)

Superficial Prima Donnas, Corrin Art Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore MD (2007)

Selected Group Exhibitions

Drawing Board, with Ginevra Shay and Jamiee Shim, Ballroom Gallery, Baltimore, MD (2015)

How to Throw Away A Knife, Quaid, Tampa, FL (2015)

Material Studies, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA (2015)

Young Blood 2015, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD (2015)

The Shared Patio, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2015)

Untitled No. 5, Randall Scott Projects, Baltimore, MD (2015)

Baltimore Contemporary Cross Section, curated by Ginevra Shay, Silvermine Arts Center, New Caanan, CT (2014)

After Space, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2014)

NADA New York, Springsteen Gallery (2014)

Losing Ground, Curated by Rosemary Liss, Single Carrot, Baltimore, MD (2014)

The End, SophiaJacob, Baltimore, MD (2014)

Implicit Horizon, Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, NY (2014)

SELECT 2014, Artisphere, Washington, DC - Juror Mera Rubell (2014)

Regarding Territory, Curated by Ginevra Shay, Furthermore, Washington, DC (2013)

Selfie, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD (2013)

Currents, Carroll Square Gallery - via Hemphill, Washington, DC (2013)

New History, Curated by Ginevra Shay, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD ( 2012)

Black Foliage II, Curated by Matt Craven, Nudashank, Baltimore, MD (2012)

Pig Party, Curated by Gina Beavers, NYC Gallery, New York City, NY (2012)

Course/Discourse, Curated by Rick Delaney, Park School Gallery, Baltimore, MD (2012)

Black Foliage, Curated by Matt Craven, Chinatown Arcade, NY, NY (2012)

The Empty Vessel, Manifest Exhibitions, Chicago, IL (2012)

Fakin’ It, University of Cincinnati Meyer Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (2012)

Three Vertices, LVL 3, Chicago, IL (2012)

Out Of Practice, Art Blog Art Blog, New York, NY (2011)


Alex Ebstein: Plastic Images exhibition catalog produced by Goucher College, available summer 2015

New American Paintings #118 South

New American Paintings #105 MFA Annual

Alex Ebstein : Sophia Jacob (exhibition catalog) 2012

Curatorial and Gallery Projects

Co-Founder / Director, Nudashank Gallery, Baltimore MD (2009 - Present)

Curator: Scrappy, Reference Gallery, Richmond VA (March 2011)

Curator: End Of Daze, Space 1026, Philadelphia PA (2010)

Curator: Stories From The Woods, Current Gallery, Baltimore MD (October 2008)

Co-Curator: Shaun Flynn, David Ostrowski, Max Warsh, Shoot The Lobster, New York, NY (July 2012)

Co-Curator: Work Sites, Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland, College Park, MD (May 2012)

Co-Curator: Out Of Practice, Art Blog Art Blog, New York NY (June 2011)

Co-Curator: Elusive Matter, CULTUREHALL Feature #72

Co-Curator: Stay ‘Tooned, John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD (May 2011)

Co-Curator Circumventing Function, Repurposing Purpose, CULTUREHALL Feature #44


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